About Faith Works Cafe

Many people have asked me how I became so successful in what I do.

From constantly holding leadership positions, having over 15 professional degrees, being interviewed on national & international radio, TV, magazines, the Los Angeles Times & Orange County Newspapers, Chinese Newspapers, etc…  I’m often asked:

“What are your secrets?”

To this question, I respond time and time again:

“I have no secrets.  My Faith and perseverance, while overcoming life’s storms, are what has gotten me to where I am today.”

For years, many people thought my response was just an excuse to allow me to withhold “my secrets” of success.

However, it is just as simple as that.  When I see those around me go through similar situations, as I once did, I share my life story with them to give them hope, courage and empowerment.  Throughout my life, many I have spoken with have been inspired and their lives have been transformed.

After several months of extreme fear to be transparent I was empowered by my peers through strong words of encouragement to share my life story.  Since then, I have been sharing the honest truth of my life and how I’ve achieved success, for the purpose of helping others.

At this time, all websites, videos, and recording materials are coming from my personal funds, and there is limited manpower to respond to your questions.  So, please allow ample time for me to respond.

The purpose of these videos are to be transparent of how I have been able to transform my life’s tremendous storms and pain into success, blessings and joy.

If I can do it, all of you can also do it!  There is hope, courage, empowerment for EVERYONE!


Alisha Chen

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