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Are you frustrated to balance integrity & success? Seems like there is no way to have both? Our environment, circumstances & the world seems to keep pushing us towards unethical decisions to have food on the table? You are not alone. Many of us have walked the road, so we understand. There are more successful people with integrity than you think. Contact us now and you will see hope, courage & empowerment!

Striving for Both Integrity & Success

Overcoming Business, Career & Job Issues and Environment

1. Job environment forces us to choose between Integrity or income
2. Favoritism over-rids Principle & Performance
3. There is no company structure for enforcing right (rewards) & wrong (consequences)
4. I am constantly being used as “escape goat” for others
5. I am miserable working in a company that does not have righteousness, but I don’t know where else to go so I can keep generating income for my family and I.
6. I am constantly given the most difficult tasks while others get the easier ones.
7. I constantly have to work over-time without being paid for over-time. I am afraid to lose my job if I say anything about it.
8. I really prefer to spend time with family instead of spending over 3 hours driving to & from work daily. Where can I find good companies to work for?
9. I know I have the passion to use my knowledge more, but I am not given any opportunities in the current company.
10. No matter how hard I work, how well I work, it seems like I will never be given a raise or promotion.
11. I don’t have any security in this job I am in. I am constantly in fear.
12. Are there such companies out there that care about integrity & success in balance?
13. I don’t have any resources to be trained for certain type of career. Do you know of any?
14. I don’t know how to write a resume; do you know where I can get help?
15. I know what I am good at, but I am not sure how I can use it as a career. I need guidance.
16. I am not good to present myself, so I have been turned down for jobs, but I know if I were given a chance, I will learn as much & as fast as I can. I just need an opportunity.
17. I don’t know what I am good at, but I really need a job. Do you know where I can get help?
18. My English is not great, I do not have a high education, but I am willing to do just about anything with integrity in order to work. How & where can I get help?
19. I am only good in art or music, is there a job that can use my creativity for income?
20. I have connections & resources for career & job positions in righteous companies. I like to be a part of the team.

* If you encounter, feel, see and relate to any of above listed, contact one of our Workplace Leadership groups below. We are a group of people that battle with the injustice in our workplaces and strive with courage & bravery to uphold righteous principle, core values & company culture. We are all imperfect, we also make mistakes from time to time, however, we all have the same goal and purpose, therefore, we help each other keep walking on the right path when we fall off the right path. We are all learning & growing together as we go.

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