Without a strong government, we don’t have a safe home to live, without a safe home to live, we cannot build a strong family, without a strong family, we cannot dream and do great things as individual persons. Each person is important, each person can be a world changer, each person can make a ripple effect to impact our family, our homes, our career, our community & our nation. Not one person is left out, everyone has this opportunity. What position are you taking to make an impact of your life?

The Strength of the Government = Protection of Families

Somethings for each of us to ponder…
1. How happy truly are you with your own life and your own family dynamics?
2. Do you see any repeating problems that you really like to change to have a better life?
3. Do you feel like you see problems and maybe even solutions but feels that you stand alone on
your thoughts and there is nothing you can do to make a difference?
4. Are you concerned about the future and well-being of your children and grandchildren?
5. Do you think it is more urgent for you to give your children luxury things in life or give them a chance to live in freedom?
6. Is there possible way to separate ourselves from government affairs versus our daily life?
7. Can you think of anything that the decision of the government hinders or improves our way of life?
8. What is the difference between a government for the people versus government of dictatorship looks like?
9. What do you think our current governmental structure is like…for the people or dictatorship?
10. How did we get here? From doing nothing, saying nothing and caring nothing?
11. If any of these questions concerns you, it is time for you to do something about it before it is too late!
12. If your heart is in it, the sky is the limit!

Suggestions to be a part of solution:
1. Join or support one of our groups below…(also listed under News page)

  • A. Generations Radio –
  • B. ACT for America –
  • C. Faith & Freedom Coalition –
  • D. Alliance Defending Freedom –
  • E. Judicial Watch –
  • F. ACLJ –
  • G. Save America –

2. Be a voice, hand or feet for the group(s) of your choice. Make it a family project and event!

3. Want to make a greater impact? Be an intern or apprentice to one of the government officials and learn about what they do.

4. Have a burning desire to protect and defend your family, community and country? Step out and petition for a government position!

  • A. School Board
  • B. City Mayor
  • C. County Mayor
  • D. State Senator
  • E. State Governor
  • F. House of Representative
  • G. Many more!
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