World Changers – Join Us

If any of these stories and sharing has helped you in your own life, relationships and workplace and you would like to be a part of volunteers to help others in need, please let us know by submitting the “Contact Us” link. Change = Action = Transformed

Prayer Warriors – If you have a passion to pray for people, you might be gifted in being one of the Prayer Warriors. How cool is it to dwell in the love of God while helping others? Contact us to get connect with Prayer Warrior training and help people in need!

Sharing Your Story – If you also have stories to encourage, empower, provide hope to glorify Jesus by sharing with others, please contact us to get connected with Story Telling Team to learn how to give stories to transform lives.

Artist/Cartoonist – If you are gifted to draw cartoons, we need help to prepare drawings for episodes to illustrate stories and messages given to make a greater impact visually. Contact us for more details.

Translators – If you are gifted to do various language translation well, we like to share these stories with as many people in as many countries as possible. The need for Hope, Courage, Empower is in need in all parts of the world. Use the gifts that God has given to you to the fullest! Contact us for more details.

Resource Builders – Some are gifted to see the additional needs to provide a comprehensive A-Z resources for those wanting to take the next step to be Transformed. Use your gifts to provide us suggestions in detail so our team can consider that. Contact us!

Millennium Interns – You may be small, but you are mighty! If you want to learn to work the right way, God’s way, let us know. We will reach out to our network to help you get in contact with companies that would provide intern training for your area of interest. Have a heart to learn, have a grateful heart and fearless of challenges…just overcome them one by one!

Business Professionals – If you have a heart to use your profession to train people of your trade God’s way once a month, please let us know. Intentions are for Kingdom purpose, selfless, which are blessings in return. This is your chance to make an impact in people’s lives! Contact us!

Promoters – If you feel there are other people who may benefit from these stories, please feel free to subscribe them to our weekly episode Video emails

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